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Ok so we are in week 6. Serious business. We are now half way there.


Vitamin C lab report is due this week.

Your enzyme lab, which was scheduled for WEEK 7, will now be in WEEK 9.

There are NO labs in WEEK 7.

This will give us enough time to return your Vitamin C lab write up as well as I will finish the topic enzymes at the end of week 8.


Quiz on amino acids and proteins part 2 in Wednesday’s class


Amino Acids and Proteins tutorial this week.


Two assignments have been posted on myelearning:

  1. The cell and carbohydrate
  2. Amino acids and Proteins

Please pay attention to due date.

Read instructions carefully.

Submit via turnitin link on myelearning.


Reflection – it is like writing in your diary. One suggestion is to look at a video or read an article…

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Yippie Ki Yay indeed..

Biochem JM

Ok so this is your first biochemistry lab write up. And you are all excited…


Unfortunately, most people do horrible in their first write up.


Hopefully if you follow these pointers you will be fine.


Today I will look at the first half of the write up: Title, Objectives, Introduction, Materials, Procedure

Remember to consult your ‘Introduction to BIOL 1362 labs’ document on myelearning for general information on how to write up labs.

Titles should:

  • Describe the main point of the experiment clearly and precisely, so that readers can decide whether to read the report.
  • Be brief (aim for 10 words or less)
  • Begin  with a keyword rather than an article like ‘The’ or ‘A’.

What are the keywords for this experiment? Put your answers in the comment section of the blog.

Titles should NOT:

  • Include wasted words such as “studies on,” “an investigation of”
  • Use abbreviations and jargon

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WEEK 2: Tutorial Review

These Biochem tutorials are simply AMAZING! First of all i wanna start of by saying that i like the fact that the course lecturer is actually doing these tutorials himself! It helps him knows his progress in transferring his knowledge of biochem to our young minds and also if his teaching methods have proved to be effective.

So he started off this  tutorial by separating the class into 2 teams and started each team with 2 points each. Then proceeded to ask us questions individually. For every right answer, we gained part of a point, for every wrong answer, a part of a point was deducted. He also gave us the opportunity to ask a member from the other team our own personalized biochemistry related questions. THIS, was fun! lol Alot of bickering and competition among the 2 teams but at the end a winner was derived! Which was obviously my team! 😀 (i wish 😥 ) 

This ‘method’ of tutorial teaching has definitely been most helpful to me. Throughout my entire first semester last year @ UWI i have never walked out of a tutorial with so much knowledge of a course. It’s not that i didnt learn anything during the biochemistry lectures or videos but these tutorials actually got all the info to STICK!

BIOCHEMJM’s Tutorials are to die for..literally! -_-


WEEK 2: Lecture Review

Cells cells cellsssssssss! The fun topic of cells was done in this week’s lectures. Mind you, i’m NOT being sarcastic when i said “fun” lol i guess that particular topic is fun because i’ve done cells SO many times before; in form5 for CXC and in form6 for CAPE. But we get more and more thorough and indepth in the topic each time we do it though. In other words, our brains are continuously being refreshed with cells increasing our knowledge of said topic. JM’s explainations were so easily understood! His jokes in class increases more interest in paying attention. He also louded up some guys who weren’t giving him their undivided attention. One knew what was going on, the other did not..which turned out to be pretty embarrasing :S LOL anyways..ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND…BIOCHEM! Right?! o.O