Hi! My name is Narisha Ramnarine. I’m from a tiny Caribbean island called Trinidad an Tobago. When I started this blog, I was in my first year at University doing an “Intro to Biochemistry” course for one of my Bachelor of Science degrees, Biology (my other degree is Environmental and Natural Resource Management).

This blog was supervised and graded by the course lecturer at the time, the intelligent, Mr. Jason Matthews, who gave each of his students individual help and advise into putting what we learnt over the course of a few months into this blog. The creativity behind this blog came solely from me, just btw! At the end of this project, my blog (this blog) was graded a 9.7/10%. All those sleepless nights really did pay off!

Fast forwarding to the present now…

It’s 2016, 4 years later, and I still receive some great feedback from persons who have stumbled across this page and I do hope that this simple blog can help you understand and create a fun and easy way of learning the complexity of Biochemistry.

I believe no matter how hard things may seem, everything is a learning experience. You should not give up but push yourself and strive towards achieving your expectations. ANYTHING is possible!        The only obstacle you must overcome is yourself.



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